The total supply of the $RNGD token is set at 100 million. Unlike traditional token launches, $RNGD was stealthily introduced on the Ethereum Mainnet without any private or presale events. Within this supply, a portion of 25% is strategically reserved for various purposes. Specifically, 10% of the tokens are allocated for partnerships, fostering collaborations that propel the project's growth. Additionally, 15% of the tokens are earmarked for the ecosystem, including future exchange listings, ensuring the token's broader accessibility and liquidity in the market.

The remaining tokens are dedicated to liquidity, a vital component for ensuring a stable and efficient trading environment. To safeguard the integrity of liquidity provisions, these tokens are initially locked for a period of 6 months, mitigating potential market disruptions.

Moreover, a 5% tax mechanism is implemented for both purchases and sales, as well as token transfers. This tax serves to support ongoing development initiatives, cover team salaries, and address essential server costs, ensuring the project's sustainability and continued progress.

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